Company information

The PrimeFilm company you see today was created in 2014. The company has been built over the years with the help of the professional team of Carmen Film company ( brands Drugoe Kino, Caravella DDC) PrimeFilm is home to the world's premier entertainment brands that connect with audiences through compelling content across television, online and mobile platforms . Our main activities are:


Classic content distribution. Our comprehensive portfolio contains more than a hundred titles of the best and most successful independent and studio productions. Our company acquires, mostly in the USA and Western Europe, film rights for all CIS countries, besides our catalogue contains a lot of local Russian content. PrimeFilm has executed manydirect deals with Free Terrestrial and Pay Tv-Channels and Internet Cinemas on the territory of CIS countries and Baltics.. PrimeFilm handles all rights along the distribution chain, from Home Entertainment, to TV and VOD. This division is managing the catalogue of the acquired rights.


IPTV Platforms. PrimeFilm company is currently developing the IPTV(Internet Protocol Television) division and is offering the wide range of cooperation options to our partners-rightsholders. We are cooperating with independent telecom operators in Russian regions , as well as developing relationships with operators in the CIS countries (Belarus , Kazakhstan , Armenia, Georgia and others). Our exemplary partner is an IPTV operator or network provider that delivers services to the population - an internet connection , free and pay TV consolidation via Set top box (STB). We are working with " video on demand » (VOD) operators operating on mounted consoles Set top box or using the subscription.


Content aggregation. We started doing aggregation in 2014 attracting first rightsholders and buyers. And this division appeared to be essential and perspective. As of today, we are the VOD-rights aggregator for the following major studios: Walt Disney, Sony, Warner Bros. For our customers , "Aggregation" is a great opportunity to acquire the necessary high quality content of various studios and rights holders, at the same time minimizing content acquisition expenses. The group offers synergies in the exploitation of film licenses. Standardized marketing and advertising measures can be arranged for all countries at once. This generally leads to significant savings and positive dynamics. The main benefit for rights holders is the access to new markets and the possibility of additional earnings.